Costarella Seafoods is a family-owned and operated seafood distributor located in the world famous Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco, CA.  In business since 1991, Costarella focuses on providing fish considered sustainable by the world's most veritable sources:

Since 1991 costarella Seafoods have been providing the bay area restaurants and markets with quality fresh, frozen and Costarella label smoked seafood. Bob Costarella and the crew pride them selves on personal and knowable service .Our products range from local boats, domestic and international vendors with a close eye on quality and sustainability. The company delivers 6 days a week in the bay area. Costarella Seafoods and its vendors are haccp approved by the federal government and inspected regularly by the FDA and California department of public health . Our state of the art facility is located on pier 45 and we welcome you to stop by and say hello anytime during business hours.

The owner, Bob Costarella, helps maintain the company's family business feel while providing over three decades of experience in a complicated seafood industry.  

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Costarella keeps an eye on the bay, but he's not drinking in the postcard views of Telegraph and Russian hills, Alcatraz or the blue hills of North Bay behind it. Instead, he gauges tide levels, notes wind direction, watches the chop of the waves. It's a lesson learned from an old Sicilian fisherman who told him the ocean is like a book.

"You can open it up, but you have to know how to read it,'' Costarella recalls. "The ocean will give up a lot of information if you know how to read it."

The San Francisco fishing industry emerged in the 1850's with the expanding population of Italian immigrants. Traditionally, Italians fished from Mediterranean style sailing feluccas in the open sea fishing grounds that ranged from Point Reyes to Monterey. Many of these Italian family names are still represented at Fisherman's wharf, where the bounty of the waters outside the golden gate is brought ashore for all to enjoy.

We at Costarella Seafoods are passionate about fishing! We bring our customers the finest seafood our years of experience can offer.