August 18th 2015

From: Bob Costarella                                                  To: Everyone

Phone: 415-674-0175

Fax:     415-674-0180                                                    Pages:

Hi Everyone,

The last few weeks have been interesting. Gary and Joe 

had been on vacation. I tore my Achilles tendon and had surgery.

I hope our short staff did a good job for you while most of us 

where MIA.

We are all back at work and ready to go.

All the species we sell are in good supply right now 

except sword fish.

Our first sword will be here on Thursday and we still don't know 

the price.

Weather around the equator has slowed production and domestic boats are out working.

I would think there will be plenty of sword next week.

Local petrale, chili pepper rock cod and black cod are plentiful. Fresh squid is steady.

Up north is producing halibut and true cod along with fresh shrimp meat.

Down south has halibut, yt jack, and white bass. No Mahi just too expensive.

Salmon will include local kings, Alaskan kings and troll Cohos from Alaska.

Farmed Atlantic salmon fish are nice and inexpensive .

Don't forget about our other farmed fish. Bronzinos, 

trout, sturgeon, catfish

And Hamachi are always around.

The oyster farms are a wreck right now with the spawn. I recommend Marin Myagis,

Hammersly and coast kumis. Northeast oysters are nice. Try the Saint Simones.

Watch the manila clams . No spawn yet but its coming . Pei are still holding up.

Keep all shellfish well iced and buy for only a couple of days.

Thanks, Bob

Late May - Early June Market Report

Hi Everyone,

Local king salmon is closed till end of June. Their are troll kings out of Oregon to fill in along with sockeyes from Copper River.

Southern California White bass season has started and fish seem to be rolling in at mild prices. Jump on board as another sustainable local fishery comes on line.

It should last a few months.

Point Reyes oyster farm is back on line. We have smalls; extra smalls; Atlantic flats and kumimoto grow in tomales bay. All our oyster species should be good until mid summer when the spawn season starts.

That's the news for now,


Mid-May Market Report

Hi everybody,

I hope everyone had a great Mothers Day either personal or business wise.

We are starting the week off with a full line up of products. The exotics, such as tuna, tombo sword, mahi, opah, escolar and mong chong are readily available.

We received local chili pepper rock cod today. Chilis are really good for a skin on fillet.  Thin red colored skin, a local product and mild price are good attributes.  The guys are bringing local kings but still no price decrease to the boats.

Point Reyes oyster farms are back on line. We have smalls, ex smalls, Atlantic flats and kumimoto’s available from the farm.

Hopefully the graduation parties will not slow down the weekend business.

Everyone have a good week.